Change in system of governance equals prosperity? Think again

Certain advocates of “constitutional reform” make use of two cornerstone arguments to support their position that a change in form of government will necessarily translate to an improved probability that the Philippines will prosper as a society over a given period: (a) a correlation between systems of government and evidence of prosperity in today’s nations, […]

After Bangsamoro: Do the Cordilleras, Visayas, and the rest of Mindanao have equal claim to autonomy?

Peace at last in Mindanao — or so people hope in the advent of greater autonomy granted by the government of President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III to rebellious Muslim groups there. The Framework Agreement covering the terms of this autonomy is set to be signed on the 15th of October this year between the […]

Forward thinking — a tremendous challenge in Filipino society

As the date for president Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino’s next State of the Nation Address (SONA) draws near, both critics and supporters are anticipating what he has to say. It’s been two (2) years into his term, and this is the third time that he will be giving this address. The questions on many people’s […]

Learning from Pigs and the Yellows

A fellow member of the Get Real Philippines Facebook page asked an interesting question. “Do you agree that a change in self must happen first before a change in rules? Or do you believe in the reverse?” This, for me, is a thought-provoking question. Some folks, especially proponents of Charter Change (to Parliamentary form of […]

Reflecting on the Constitutional Reform Movement

It seems I started a bit of a firestorm with a recent article among the advocates of constitutional reform, whom I did not actually identify as the CoRRECT movement — because to be quite honest, I’m not at all certain they are necessarily the only reform advocates in the country — but who were quick […]