The key to true Philippine Independence does not lie in Philippine Media products

As expected, Philippine Media is breaking out all the colours to mark the day: lots of red white and blue, the yellow sun and three stars, poetry waxed about Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio — the works. Fiesta Independence Day! Check it out: this extravaganza of nationalist sentiment candy is emanating from an institution — […]

Crowdsourcing the Maria Ressa and Lilibeth Frondoso tsismis

To give credit to ‘investigative journalist’ Raissa Robles, who pioneered the journalistic technique of investigative crowdsourcing, blog comment threads are indeed treasure troves of dirt on a who’s-who list of the Philippines’ hottest celebrities. People can be called out for shoplifting just on the basis of hearsay, and the portfolios of Chief Justices laid bare […]