fashion protest

“Fashion” Mentality Damaged the World of Causes

So called social media “activists” these days seem all about putting someone down. For example, when Cynthia Villar called out the problem of eating so much rice, people just started ranting angrily against her, instead of bringing up more intellectual objections and pertinent suggestions. Another is peppering people who supported Rodrigo Duterte or Donald Trump […]

Are Filipinos really Oppressed?

While ruminating on some other facets of Philippine dysfunction, I observe that Filipinos claim that they are an “oppressed” people. The poor of the country for example say that they are oppressed by the rich. Some liberal or anti-Catholic or anti-religious groups would point to Carlos Celdran’s case as showing that they are being oppressed […]

The Outrage Fad on Donald Trump Jr. and the Tubbataha Incident

One thing I and fellow GRP bloggers observed earlier about activists like tour guide Carlos Celdran is that they seem to thrive on Outrage Fads. For example, when someone made a map of the Philippines supposedly being an empire over Asia, Celdran readily endorsed it. It was after all part of the outrage fad against […]