Why Noynoy Aquino has and does not have to be at every crisis site

In light of the earthquake that struck the province of Bohol, parts of Cebu, and other neighboring areas last October 15, 2013, President Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino is reportedly going to visit the crisis sites today, October 16. The word going around is that a big motivator for him to visit the sites so soon […]

Faster than a speeding bullet – Noynoy Aquino to the rescue?

It’s been 8 hours or so since an earthquake struck Bohol, Cebu, and some other parts of the Visayas region in the Philippines. Netizens were quick to post pictures of the aftermath in social media, and news reports keep coming in regarding the extent of the damage wrought, and the number of lives lost in […]

Magnitude 7.2 Cebu earthquake: Is Metro Manila prepared for the next one?

Just when you think the Philippines can’t get any further “tests” from the “Almighty” on account of the appalling pork barrel thievery, chronic flooding, and yesterday’s hijacking of its capital city by a religious group, yet another Act of God hits. This time it is in the form of an earthquake devastating the Queen City […]

What Does Jeane Lim-Napoles and President BS Aquino III’s Picture Prove?

About an hour after I posted the picture of Senate President Franklin Drilon with Janet Lim Napoles, my neighbor sent me a text message saying that it wouldn’t be unlikely that President B.S. Aquino would also have a picture with Napoles. After getting over the initial shock of finding out that my 75 year old […]

Cebu Sinulog Festival further highlights the poignancy of Gwen Garcia’s ‘people power’ call

It’s a fitting reminder of what Filipinos are really all about. After a specatcularly-fizzled attempt to rally the usual ocho-ocho “people power” crowd around her “Hole Up for a Cause” spectacle, suspended Cebu Governor Gwen Garcia can only watch helplessly from her “office” in the Cebu Capitol as Filipinos reportedly snap-up hotel rooms in Cebu […]

Gwendolyn Garcia could end up living like a cavewoman in the Cebu Capitol building

The clock is ticking for suspended Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia who is currently besieged in the provincial capitol after she defied a suspension order issued by Malacañang mid-December last year. As police mulled over their options short of physically dragging Garcia out of the public building, Acting Governor Agnes Almendras Magpale is considering cutting off […]

Take it! Take it! President Noynoy Aquino has a clean shot in Cebu

On one hand, I’d say the clock is ticking for Malacañang. Presumably with every hour — and day — it dithers in its decision on what to do about rogue Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia who remains ‘holed up for a cause’ at the Cebu Capitol after being slapped with a suspension order on the 19th […]

Gwendolyn Garcia may have Pedro Calungsod on her side but Noynoy is still Chief of the Armed Forces

Flawed in its execution or not, Malacañang had come out locked and loaded when it ordered Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia suspended for alleged “grave abuse of authority” on the 19th December 2012. Yet ten days later, what could’ve been a clean strike has turned into a quagmire. What’s the big delay anyway? If the government […]