Yes to Marital Law: Why unwed Catholic priests are the root cause of Pinoy social dysfunction

There is something about the Philippines that sets it apart from the rest of our progressive neighbors like Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. The Philippines holds claim to the title “the only Christian nation in Asia” and yet ironically ranks among the worst in the list of those most infested with corruption and crime […]

Archbishop Villegas Believes That Duterte Is The Only Person That Deserves A Pastoral Letter

The following pastoral letter was read at the church I regularly attend. This was 8AM February 5th 2017.   Read the full pastoral statement of the CBCP on drug-related killings below. Beloved People of God We, your bishops, are deeply concerned due to many deaths and killings in the campaign against prohibited drugs. This traffic […]

Carlos Celdran Goes To Jail

I’ve got issues with performance artist Carlos Celdran, but I’ll be one of the first in the Get Real community to set those aside and support the call for our legislators to undertake a thorough review of the Revised Penal Code in order to keep it in step with the times. In his status update, Celdran […]

Apparently Accusing The President Of Corrupting Congress Is Not Newsworthy

“Here is the news Coming to you every hour on the hour”   Electric Light Orchestra   Last I looked the Philippines is a Catholic country. Pinoys are flawed in many things and by my reckoning many of them go through the motions in terms of being Catholic. What I can not argue is that […]

Explosion of Joy or Explosion of Superficiality?

 Philippine Daily Inquirer page March 14, 2013 A1     I have said many times mass media is simply a mirror to society. Mass media gives the audience what it wants to attract what they want. It is very uncomfortable to know as a practicing Catholic in the Philippines that our religious leaders are not […]

The fires of hell – more fun in the Philippines

After Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago addressed the prosecution panel with her now infamous “gago” speech last week, the onion skins started flying. A few days after, Fr. Arevalo, spiritual adviser to the Aquinos, came out with a statement saying that by calling Aguirre a fool, through the use of gago, Senator Santiago is worthy of […]