Outraged Over Carlos Celdran’s Foul Mouthed Antics?

Active and retired friends in news media couldn’t help but share their thoughts on Carlos Celdran’s rather uncouth behavior towards Henry Sy and his family — the owners of the SM malls and realty development companies. Apparently, Celdran mouthed off on the Sys after mistakenly thinking that SM would be tearing down the Philamlife Building […]

Carlos “F*ck You” Celdran and the Supposed Demolition of the Philamlife Theatre

A lot of kids on Facebook and Twitter are somewhat susceptible to the “influence” of social media celebrities.  The bad thing about it is that sometimes these celebrities don’t care enough to make sure that what they say on social media represents some degree of accuracy, fairness, or decency. Social media is supposed to be […]

Paulo Alcazaren’s Artistic License Ought to be Revoked

For Driving Counterflow On the Logic Lane I am a fan of Paulo Alcazaren and I love the pictures of Old Manila that he keeps posting as part of a long running quiz he calls “MMM”. There’s a lot one can learn about design when you look at the pictures he posts.  Even if you […]

Carlos Celdran declares GRP dying cites mass exodus

  Number 47 said to number 3 “You’re the cutest jailbird I ever did see I sure would be delighted with your company Come on and do the Jailhouse Rock with me” – Elvis Presley   As if being found guilty of being “offensive to the feelings of the faithful” was not enough Mr. Carlos […]

Phony Outrage Against ‘Damaso’

Let me first say that I have no beef against Carlos Celdran on a personal level. Heck, I don’t even know the guy. The stunt that he did back in 2010, well… that was something he felt he had to do to make a point, I suppose. While I do admire his courage (and creativity) […]

Fr Joaquin Bernas weighs in on Article 133 on top of a flawed assumption

Interesting point revered “constitutionalist” Father Joaquin Bernas makes as he weighs in on the subject of Article 133 of the Revised Penal Code (RPC)… […] Article 133 also raises an intriguing question: When a priest or bishop castigates or consigns to the netherworld those who oppose the Reproductive Health Law in a sermon before a […]

Is there a Right to Offend?

The recent issue of tour guide and activist Carlos Celdran’s imprisonment raised discussions on “offense.” Some say the Catholic Church was onion-skinned and should not have taken offense at his action. Thus, Celdran’s supporters would say that the church was oppressive by using its power to imprison an opponent. Some also hit Article 133 of […]

Sleeping with the enemy: Carlos Celdran fails to notice Church and Media partnership in crime

Perhaps if self-styled shock activist Carlos Celdran weren’t too busy posing for self-portraits and posting these on Twitter, he’d notice that the bigger institution that needs a bit of spanking is Philippine Media. Much of what makes the Church powerful today is owed to the handiwork of “creatives” like now-Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto III (ironic!) […]