Captain America: Civil War: An Entertaining And Thought-Provoking Film

After my review of the Batman vs. Superman film, it’s time to take a look at the other superhero movie that seems to have defeated it in the box office, Captain America: Civil War. The Marvel Cinematic Universe went all the way with this production and brought in the greatest number of superheroes it possibly could with newcomers […]

Batman Vs. Superman: Pros Vs. Cons

While everyone is talking about Captain America: Civil War, I’d like to take the time to discuss DC Comics’ latest attempt at matching Marvel Comics’ Cinematic Universe. Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice promises audiences something similar to the Avengers series with various superheroes, each with their own respective franchise, duking it out on the big screen. Batman […]

The Pinoy Hype For Captain America: Civil War And Why I’m Disappointed By It

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt 2016 sure has quite a bit to show us with a huge lineup of superhero films. So far, we got a taste of Deadpool in February and we can only expect more with other titles like X-Men: Apocalypse and Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. More importantly […]

Bullying and Offensive Stereotypes in Our Society

I once read an issue of Marvel’s Captain America and I saw a scene where the Red Skull (the villain of the piece) tries to justify the terrible atrocities he has committed over the years. He said something along the lines that “everyone secretly wants to bully and be bullied by others”. For those unfamiliar […]

The 4th of July Captain America and Junk Food

I have lots to do today but some mysterious force compels me to spend a few minutes recognizing the 4th of July celebration in the US. I have no problem admitting I was alive when the US turned 200. To this day I was traumatized by how cheesy I found this Twinkie ad. Check out […]