The Filipino call center and BPO industries need to learn how to demonstrate value

As expected, I ignited a small firestorm with the Filipino call center and business process outsourcing (BPO) communities with my previous article “Why the outrage over the call center agent ‘slur’ in ‘The Borrowed Wife’ fails to move me” (henceforth known as “Outrage”). Of course, I wish I could have provoked a more substantive reaction. […]

Why the outrage over the call center agent ‘slur’ in ‘The Borrowed Wife’ fails to move me

The outrage being expressed by certain members of the call center agent population, or business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, over a perceived affront in the script of media giant GMA 7’s latest series “The Borrowed Wife”, frankly just fails to impress me: Indignant call center agents vowed to boycott the newest GMA television series, “The […]

Boom times in the Philippines’ call center and OFW economy

According to Associated Press “reporter” Teresa Cerojano who wrote an AP article, the Philippines’ much hyped economic “boom” was credited by “many” to the “new vitality to the policies of President Benigno Aquino III, elected in 2010 on promises of eradicating graft and fighting poverty.” Perhaps. But the indicators of this growth cited by Cerojano […]

How the Philippines’ outsourcing industries can benefit from Paula Jamie Salvosa and Christopher Lao

Following another viral video circus, this time involving Ms Paula Jamie ‘Amalayer’ Salvosa, we find an emerging pattern in the sorts of “scandals” that Filipinos tend to salivate over. A common denominator underlying these is a perverse fascination with the hilarious gaffes Filipinos routinely deliver in their on-going clumsy effort to use the language of […]

CNN report on Philippine economy barely comes across as news

The Philippines has long had an economy propped up by consumption binges that are funded by overseas employment that sucks the substance out of the society from the inside, and outsourced work that turns the country’s brightest grads into red-eyed parrots. It all sounds awfully familiar. And why shouldn’t it? The above paragraph may as […]

Businessweek’s business of talking up the Philippine economy

With growth in big developed economies all but flatlining, what do firms — investment banks and securities trading houses — whose entire business models hinge upon “growth” ad infinitum turn to? Where else but to ever more volatile and unreliable “emerging markets”. The Philippines is in one of these arbitrary lists of “emerging” economies — […]

US anti-outsourcing bill: Why Filipinos should be worried

Not surprisingly, there is a growing public and political lash out against outsourcing in recession-hit America. An “anti-outsourcing” bill had recently been introduced in the United States House of Representatives to implement measures that would, in effect, penalise businesses that relocate their call centres offshore. “Outsourcing is one of the scourges of our economy and […]