Four questions for the call center and BPO industries that need to be asked

Let’s keep it simple. Certain members of the call center/business process outsourcing (BPO) industry took the “offending” lines from GMA-7’s drama series “The Borrowed Wife” way too personally. But why dwell on a perceived slight over something that may or may not be true when there are bigger things to worry about? Because these bigger […]

The Filipino call center and BPO industries need to learn how to demonstrate value

As expected, I ignited a small firestorm with the Filipino call center and business process outsourcing (BPO) communities with my previous article “Why the outrage over the call center agent ‘slur’ in ‘The Borrowed Wife’ fails to move me” (henceforth known as “Outrage”). Of course, I wish I could have provoked a more substantive reaction. […]

Why the outrage over the call center agent ‘slur’ in ‘The Borrowed Wife’ fails to move me

The outrage being expressed by certain members of the call center agent population, or business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, over a perceived affront in the script of media giant GMA 7’s latest series “The Borrowed Wife”, frankly just fails to impress me: Indignant call center agents vowed to boycott the newest GMA television series, “The […]

Filipino labour force not up to par: Philippines ready to host foreign workers

The Philippines’ Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) is reportedly considering opening the country to foreign workers. A list of occupations for which there is a “shortage” of local people qualified to fill has been released by the DOLE… Architect Chemical Engineer Chemist Environmental Planner Fisheries Technologist Geologist – Geophysicist, petrogeochemist, petrophysicist, micropaleontologist, engineering geologist […]

High traffic volume a sign of a booming economy, Noynoy says

President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III is quoted as saying that the high volume of traffic commuters face while going along EDSA is a sign of a booming economy. He did not limit his pronouncement to the high traffic volume; he also employed positive spin on the rise of the Philippine Peso, which otherwise should […]

How the Philippines’ outsourcing industries can benefit from Paula Jamie Salvosa and Christopher Lao

Following another viral video circus, this time involving Ms Paula Jamie ‘Amalayer’ Salvosa, we find an emerging pattern in the sorts of “scandals” that Filipinos tend to salivate over. A common denominator underlying these is a perverse fascination with the hilarious gaffes Filipinos routinely deliver in their on-going clumsy effort to use the language of […]

CNN report on Philippine economy barely comes across as news

The Philippines has long had an economy propped up by consumption binges that are funded by overseas employment that sucks the substance out of the society from the inside, and outsourced work that turns the country’s brightest grads into red-eyed parrots. It all sounds awfully familiar. And why shouldn’t it? The above paragraph may as […]