Erap’s ban on provincial buses reportedly lauded as first step to decongesting Metro Manila

Newly-minted Manila mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada comes up with a quick win to solve Manila’s traffic mess. Reportedly part of “a grand plan to ease traffic congestion in the capital”, a new council resolution implemented by Erap’s city government bans “the entry of provincial and metro buses without private terminals in the city”. The City […]

The DoTC Rocking Horse Complete’s Study to Make Metro Manila Commute Cost Efficient

“It’s ¬†fact of Filipino life that you never really know when or if you’re going to arrive at your destination after leaving the house.” — Said by some random stranger inside an MRT coach. What Public Transport System? Before getting into the DoTC’s recently completed World Bank funded¬†(WB)-funded Philippine Transit Information Service (PTIS), I think […]

Overcoming idiotic Filipino drivers: Three tips for navigating Manila traffic

From a macro collective perspective, the Manila traffic situation is really a simple issue. What we call the “mess” that is Manila traffic is no more than an emergent property; a collective outcome of the idiotic behaviour of the system’s individual elements — Idiotic Filipino Drivers. Tell-tale signs of a truly idiotic driver is a […]