Does Jam Sebastian’s mother Maricar have a claim to the Jamich assets?

So it didn’t take long for the “magic” of the “Jamich” couple — the late Jamvhille ‘Jam’ Sebastian and Paolinne Michelle ‘Mich’ Liggayu — to turn into a little shop of domestic horrors. No sooner than Jam was laid to rest did the fireworks begin. It was as if, Jam’s mother Maricar Sebastian, was dressed […]

The Philippines can be a great nation only if Filipinos learn to be TRUTHFUL

The trouble with politicians is that they spend an inordinate amount of time propping up their reputations. Because of this obssessive focus on reputation, the inclination to lie, misrepresent facts, and downright suppress information becomes a lot more powerful — which is why politicians lie. What if we propose the ideal hypothetical politician, one who […]