Filipinos’ habitual cry: ‘SAVE ME!’

Save Mary Jane Veloso! Save Baguio City! Save the Pasig River! Save Boracay! It’s pathetic. Filipinos are always looking for a higher or wealthier power to “save” their wretched lot. The pattern has been set and the consistency now world-renowned. After abject neglect, wanton partying or sitting on their asses for years, or all of […]

Boracay joins Baguio City on the road to concrete junglehood!

A certain Frank Hoefsmit, a Belgian from Antwerp residing in Manila, Philippine (according to his Facebook profile information) posted an aerial photo of Boracay Island on Facebook the other day showing the extent to which Boracay has been “developed” to attract even more tourists. Boracay is a small island in the Philippines located approximately 315 […]

Boracay to suffer ‘engineering intervention’ in order to be ‘saved’

Yeah, so now they start moving their fat asses. The Philippine government is now supposedly “bent on saving the island paradise of Boracay,” saying that “climate change and unchecked development threatens to destroy” it. You don’t say. What do we do next after that major government brainwave? Appoint a ‘Save Boracay Czar’? Thing with troubleshooters, […]

Why some foreigners would rather go hungry than eat Filipino food

I love Filipino food!!! I never get tired of eating adobo. The taste is so primal because I just think it satisfies every human being’s craving for protein and salt – those two key ingredients that help keep our bodies from malfunctioning. For me, Adobo is one of those dishes that make you want to […]

Raymart, Claudine, Tulfo in excellent airport brawl

Bad breeding is at the heart of most issues that plague Philippine society and its culture of dysfunction. It is endemic at the macro level and ingrained at the micro levels — at the very threads that are woven into the very fabric of the national soul. This is evident in the manner with which […]

Why we don’t need to emphasize that it’s more fun in the Philippines

The newly unveiled tourism slogan “It’s more fun in the Philippines” by the Department of Tourism (DOT) received mixed reactions from Filipinos. First, the lack of originality was again highlighted after social networking pundits discovered that Switzerland used the exact same slogan in 1951. What shocked and annoyed some Filipinos is that similar accusations of […]