It won’t be much of a Mother’s day for Mary Jane, Celia and PH

There was an outpour of sympathy from Indonesians and Filipinos for Mary Jane Veloso, days before she had to face her death sentence by firing squad in Indonesia. Mary Jane is a Filipina MOTHER who has been declaring her innocence over a conviction for drug trafficking since Day 1 of her 5-year ordeal. The hashtags: […]

You Want A Progressive Economy? Let The Foreign Banks In

The Republic Act No. 7721 is set to be amended to allow more than ten foreign banks in the country. But do you know what the financial implications on Filipinos are? The Philippine Senate committee on banks studies the approval of recent legislations and these are the pros and cons we can expect from this new legislation. […]

EDSA People Power it is Not

Year 28 since the EDSA People Power revolution and the special working holiday has passed even more uneventfully as the previous one. I am reviewing my post from the previous year entitled “Getting Over the Yellow Fever”. Sadly many of the points I have raised in 2013 remain unchanged. Some of these points include: Non-Inclusive […]

High traffic volume a sign of a booming economy, Noynoy says

President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III is quoted as saying that the high volume of traffic commuters face while going along EDSA is a sign of a booming economy. He did not limit his pronouncement to the high traffic volume; he also employed positive spin on the rise of the Philippine Peso, which otherwise should […]