Rigged by design: Officials of COMELEC and election watchdog PPCRV are all members of anti-Marcos movements

What we feared would happen has happened. Because: 1. Despite the propaganda, three critical features were once again ignored by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC). These are: the digital signatures of the Board of Election Inspectors (that tell us that the results transmitted to Central HQ indeed come from the claimed precinct), the use of UV […]

Is a Leni Robredo vice presidency a curse or a blessing to the Filipino people?

The Philippine Liberal Party has a reason to celebrate three weeks after suffering a big loss with their Presidential candidate Mar Roxas losing to Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Congress sitting as the National Board of Canvassers (NBOC) rushed to finalise the tallying of votes for the Presidency and Vice Presidency just in time to […]

Positive should never be used to cover the Negative up

In the recent elections, supporters from the sides of the Marcos and Aquino (Mar-Leni camp) camps traded barbs using one very typical argument: achievements. People defend Marcos saying, despite the father’s corruption and Martial Law abuse, he has achievements, such as infrastructure, 13th month, and more. The same is used by Aquino supporters, that despite […]

Is the COMELEC covering up electoral fraud to make Bongbong Marcos lose the VP race?

Only a systems audit can prove that election results were not affected when a Smartmatic technician changed the program in the middle of canvassing of votes on election day, the 9th of May 2016. Apparently, that is something that is too difficult for some to understand. Even Senator Bam Aquino found it hard to comprehend. Or […]

Leni Robredo should prioritize honest elections over her own interests

Philippine Congresswoman Leni Robredo’s true character is starting to show. This is evident in how quickly she dismissed calls for a systems audit to determine if the election results were affected by the script change done to the server by Smartmatic technicians in the middle of canvassing of votes on Election Day. From a reluctant […]

Five Routes to the Presidency in the Philippines

With Mayor Rody Duterte’s trail-blazing ascent to the presidency, we may have to rewrite the books on the ins and outs of politics in the country. He was from a marginalized region of the country way down South with a thick Visayan accent, had no pocket money of his own to launch a national campaign, came into […]

Did Smartmatic help the Liberal Party rig the 2016 Philippine Presidential Elections?

Who would have thought that the late former ambassador Roy Señeres, who withdrew from the presidential race shortly before his death last February would affect the Presidential Elections conducted on the 9th of May? It seems dead people have a way of “influencing” Philippine politics. We all know that incumbent President Benigno Simeon Aquino only got […]

Yellow Lives Matter?

I recently shared my colleague Benign0’s article on my Facebook wall regarding his critique on Leni Robredo supporters seeing their bet as their last bastion of hope for the dying yellow anti-Marcos glib. A good friend of mine told me that Benign0’s observation for the demographic of Robredo’s followers can similarly be used for Duterte’s […]