Dynasty politics in the Philippines: why the outrage only now?

I’ve been seeing a lot of views being aired about the emerging sameness in how the coming 2013 elections is being shaped by traditional Philippine politics. This time, the buzzword is “dynasties” — how the sons and daughters of aging politicians are stepping up to claim the offices and realms held and ruled respectively by […]

Senator Franklin Drilon personal wealth in the spotlight

Money talks — and shuts people up. The challenge issued by embattled Chief Justice Renato Corona to 188 Lower House representatives who were behind the filing of a sloppily-written and practically baseless impeachment complaint against Corona virtually at the behest of Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III and Senator Franklin Drilon for them to […]

Does Leah Navarro advocate a repeal of the Bill of Rights?

A self-described stalwart of everything that quintessentially Filipino oxymoron “civil society” stands for and staunch anti-Corona crusader Leah Navarro let loose what sounded like a whopper of a Freudian slip in a tweet she issued last Tuesday the 15th May: If a public official or citizen has nothing to hide, the possibility of an audit […]