Noynoy Aquino is the worst president the Philippines ever had

Supporters of Philippine President Benigno Simeon Aquino insist that he is the “greatest” President the country has ever had. Now that his term is about to end, they worry about who can continue his so-called “reforms” after he leaves office. However, the fact that they are worried about who the next President will be already […]

On Filipinos’ premature celebration of the same-sex marriage win in the United States

I don’t understand why many of us have been celebrating the victory of the Rainbow Movement that happened on the other side of the Pacific, half way around the world. It must be that many dream of a Western way of life. Don’t they look at the mirror and see that they are Asians, to […]

3 ways the Philippines’ Premature Opposition is trying to stop a Binay presidency

Surely Filipinos deserve something better than the “lesser evil”. Perhaps. But the trouble is, Filipino voters and the mavens who shape their opinion do not believe so. With only a year and a half to go before the 2016 elections, only one man represents a credible bid for Philippine President by a far far margin […]

Déjà vu all over again: Elections 2016 will be all about winnability and nothing about platforms

So once (or rather yet) again, the Philippine Opposition is in that all-too-familiar process of coagulating into some semblance of an election force in the lead-up to 2016. I wrote about the moronism of it all way back. In the thick of electioneering in 2007 that group known as the Black and White Movement (B&WM) […]

Calls for people power to defend the #DAP against the Supreme Court are starting!

It feels like the mid-2000s again, when the “force” of the “people’s will” was being invoked to trump the outcomes of institutionally-governed procedure. The funny thing about the call to overrule institutional rule today is that those who are sounding off the “people power” siren are supporters of the incumbent Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ […]

Singer Leah Navarro and the intellectual bankruptcy of Philippine society

Interesting insight into how the mind of a die-hard celebrity “activist” works. Attempts to discuss ideas simply fly over some people’s heads because of a seeming inability to lift the level of discourse from political people and events to the stratosphere of world-class thinking where ideas are the primary currency of discourse. Evidence of this […]

EVERYONE is a suspect: Vast infrastructure of pork barrel thievery on the verge of being revealed!

The Law is catching up with what may be hundreds of politicians who are likely to have made a killing skimming hefty “living allowances” off the ‘Priority Development Assistance Funds’ (more commonly known as the pork barrel). Senator Jinggoy Estrada, for one, issued what some call a preemptive palusot reportedly saying that he fears that […]

Philippine elections 2013: Another spectacle starring Stupid

Again, election fever is in the air. Intrigue sloshes across the chattering classes who exchange factoids on the latest politically-motivated circus — the Gwen Garcia spectacle in Cebu, the Miriam vs Johnny imbroglio in the Senate, and the Aga Muhlach vs the whole system impasse in Bicol among others. What is the common denominator amongst […]