The tragedy…

This cover of the BizNews Asia magazine ┬áhas been making the rounds in social media. I shared many skeptics into thinking that this could be another well rendered fake magazine cover remiscent of the Time magazine parody that trolled Inquirer. So to quell doubts, off I went to the nearest bookstore. I was supposed to […]

Philippine Congress as “the country’s biggest criminal syndicate”? Who would’ve thought?!

I found the picture below in an article on the Manila Bulletin. My first impulse when I saw the BizNewsAsia cover was to doubt whether it was a legitimate one. After remembering how the Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) got burned by using a fake picture of president Benigno Simeon Aquino III (BS Aquino), I think […]

Ph Congress: The country’s ‘Biggest Criminal Syndicate’ according to BizNews Asia

The shame of being governed by what many now regard as a den of thieves is hitting fever pitch! BizNews Asia Vol.11 No.14 featured a photo of Philippine Congress in session with the caption in big bold letters “The Philippines’ Biggest Criminal Syndicate.” The Manila Bulletin cited it in its article Magazine labels Congress ‘biggest […]