Will handing out free condoms to Filipinos really solve the Philippines’ population problem?

Why do Filipinos need to be handed out free condoms? Why can’t Pinoy men just buy them like any other red-blooded guy who works for a living? At about five to ten pesos per piece (or 15 up to 45 pesos a pack), condoms cost far less per bang (pun intended) than a baby. Simple […]

Rosaries and Rabbits

After the Philippines has been blessed by the visit of the much beloved Pope Francis, the supreme pontiff left the Filipinos with so much inspiration for hope and compassion. Included in his message is the call for all Catholic parents to be responsible. The Pope reminded the Filipino Catholics not to breed “like rabbits” and […]

People ‘most important resource’ in the Philippines says government as population seen to breach 100m in late 2014

The population of the Philippines is expected to breach the 100 million mark by the third or fourth quarter of 2014. This assessment was reportedly issued by Philippine Populations Commission (Popcom) executive director Dr Juan Antonio Perez to which Malacanang has provided a positive spin… “It is both a challenge and an opportunity because people […]

Taxing Coke and Pepsi Flavored Condoms?

A few days ago I came across a news article saying that the government is mulling higher taxes on soft drinks. This isn’t new as increases in levies on soft drinks have been brought out for discussion and proposed in the past. The motivation for increasing the tax on soft drinks was tied up to […]

What Would Capt. Kirk Do on the RH Bill?

“Space… the Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Her ongoing mission: to explore strange new worlds; to seek out new life forms and new civilizations; to boldly go where no one has gone before.” To all you Trekkies out there (oh c’mon… admit it) ever wonder what Captain James T. Kirk […]

Dawn of long-overdue population control in the Philippines as Congress passes HB 4244

Make no mistake, the passing in Congress today of House Bill 4244 also known as the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill is foremost a triumph for long-overdue population control in the Philippines. The country’s enormous population and its continued unabated growth has long been considered the single biggest roadblock to prosperity in this impoverished nation. Indeed, […]

Reproductive Health Bill (House Bill 4244) as approved on Second Reading 12th December 2012

The following is a copy of House Bill 4244 also known as the ‘Reproductive Health Bill’ in the form as approved on Second Reading by the Philippine House of Representatives 12th Dec 2012. This is optimised for reading on the Web and is based on a PDF document made available on the ABS-CBN News website. […]

Should the State Pay for My Hooker Too?

So the very divisive Reproductive Health (RH) Bill finally got the OK at second reading in Congress and it looks like it is inches away from getting ratified. I have always been a supporter of the intent of the RH Bill. From what I know, the RH Bill mandates the State to uphold and promote: […]