Wrong Filipino Attitudes about Work

It’s easy to observe that some Filipinos don’t like work. Gogs wrote about why Filipinos don’t value work. Filipinos are afraid of failure before success and just want to become famous without any effort. But aside from that, I see a few other things about Filipino views toward work that may affect how they make […]

Duterte, The Pacifist, and The Just War Tradition

“War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things: the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth a war, is much worse.” — John Stuart Mill President Duterte has been accused of using unnecessary violence, killings, and other atrocities to fight the war against drugs, […]

Culture of Retribution Keeps Society Barbaric

After my post on the gun culture of the United States, I realized I was missing one key factoid to my argument: the “culture of honor” in the American South. In short, this culture, mostly attributed to the Southern (or Confederate) culture of the U.S. and related to the pro-gun culture, dictates that people should […]

Make Money Quick with Religion

Psst… Hey! Yes you, the one reading this article right now. Are you interested in making some money? Of course you are. The cost of daily living can be quite taxing. Literally. So are you looking to make a quick buck? Don’t worry, this isn’t some kind of business scheme. It’s something much, much better! […]

The [Real] Religion

Simula nang umakyat sa langit si Hesukristo, nagkawatak watak na ang kanyang mga apostoles dala dala ang kanyang mga aral. Lumawak nang lumawak ang saklaw ng mga karunungang hatid ng mga alagad ni Kristo hanggang sa mapadpad ang isa sa kanyang mga apostoles sa Roma. Naging maimpluwensya ang pangalang Hesus. At hindi napigilan ang pagdami […]

The Ethics of Flaunting Wealth

The concept of flaunting wealth, or display/show of wealth, seems to be yet another topic of contention in the Philippine social environment. It became the subject of debate following the discussion of the Marian Rivera-Dingdong Dantes wedding, and was the subject of other discussions such as my piece on Century Properties scion Robbie Antonio. Many […]

Looking for a “Royal Family;” A Royal Delusion

The brouhaha from this Marian-Dingdong (#dongyan) wedding drew a lot of interesting comments. One of them particularly struck me as demonstrating the problem with this country: wow, so high falooting naman you. I’m not a fan, and I don’t even live in the country nor do I have tfc. just take the wedding as it […]

Why “stop being negative, be more positive” can be counterproductive

Many are complaining that Get Real Philippines is so negative. They want us to come out with more positive articles. They say we are not helping with our negative messages. Oh, really? How sure are you about that? As fellow blogger Kate Natividad wrote, being positive has become much too overrated already because it serves […]