All eyes on LA LA lifestyle of Jeane Lim Napoles as Pork scandal circus rages!

Wow, anak ng pork barrel talaga! Or so the expression goes if we are to believe recent revelations and allegations coming from the latest media circus that Janet Lim Napoles is a major ringleader in a scam that skims chunks of pork barrel funds off hapless Philippine congressmen. Where do these golden shavings go? Well, […]

Daiana Menezes official statement: Benjo was dying for electoral reform!

According to a suicide note allegedly found in his office, former Congressman Benjo Benaldo, was supposedly dying for his advocacy of “electoral reform”. Along with the note, 100,000 in cash was reportedly found on his desk. “This is the money for my cremation please cremate… my death is for electoral reform,” read part of the […]

Benjo Benaldo’s million-dollar lifestyle explains how he bagged his trophy wife

I used to wonder how an obscure former Congressman from Cagayan de Oro could bag a hot Brazilian babe like Daiana Menezes. But then after reading about his million-dollar lifestyle in a Mindanao Gold Star Daily article describing his “imeldific” lifestyle, it suddenly all made sense to me. What red-blooded female after all can resist […]

Benjo Benaldo and Daiana Menezes drama turns bloody, reignites chatter!

Did the girl cry wolf? Did the boy try to kill himself? This is the latest drama-turned-cliffhanger that started with strange posts on Twitter coming from Brazilian model and TV host Daiana Menezes. The tweets featured photos on Instagram that seemed to suggest Menezes was a victim of domestic violence supposedly arising from spats over […]