The burden of a historical baggage

November 23, 2009 was the day 58 lives were massacred in Maguindanao when an election convoy came under attack by uniformed men allegedly under the payroll of a powerful Ampatuan political clan. Eight years later, carnage once again stained the history of Maguindanao as more than 40 elite policemen of the Special Action Force (SAF) […]

Pnoy’s Anti-Corruption Campaign Is Really Ampaw

If I hadn’t read it in Manila Bulletin, I wouldn’t have believed President BS Aquino III himself had cautioned a couple of high school students not to pick an ampaw President in the 2016 elections.  In 2009, we were all but screaming the same thing and hoping against hope that people would not vote for Aquino, […]

Hypocritical respect

Is this an honest mistake or a subliminal message from the Office of the President based on PNoy’s warning to China regarding the disputed Spratlys? To quote: ““We may not have the capabilities now, but that might force us to increase our capabilities also,”? Or is this a message that the PNoy administration is dead […]