The Filipino Identity Crisis And Why I Don’t Keep Up With Beauty Pageants Anymore

Okay, before I begin, I am more than willing to admit that I’m not an expert on beauty. Being undeniably male (though I do get mistaken for a girl over the phone and voice chat from time to time), I can only look at the beauty pageants many typical Filipinos try to keep up with as a […]

Miss Universe 2015 gaffe reveals Pia Wurtzbach’s real beauty!

Wow, what a way for Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach to win the Miss Universe title! I don’t really know who to feel sorry for the most, host Steve Harvey or Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez Arevalo (who Harvey mistakenly announced as the winner) for the mixup, but all three acted with grace on stage despite […]

A Sunday Rant: Things That Matter In Life

Okay ladies and gentlemen, it’s Sunday again so time for another sermon! After your misbehavior towards the Chinese after the tragedy that befell them, I thought that it was time again for you to get another values education lesson. Oh and don’t worry, this one is fairly secular so even our non-Catholic readers can probably […]

Racism in the Philippines

For those few keeping up with my Deep series, please don’t worry, I’m working on Chapter 5 as I write this. However, I’m afraid this issue to be discussed can’t wait because of its utmost importance. I’m afraid that, all things considered, this is a topic that needs to be heard by all Filipinos because of how […]

Whatta guy: Philippine President BS Aquino and Pia Wurtzbach rumoured to be dating!

WTF? Make her brother “happy”?? According to an ABS-CBN News report this was Kris Aquino’s request to current Miss Universe Philippines title holder Pia Wurtzbach after rumours spread that she and Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino were an item. Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach also known as Pia Romero (born September 24, 1989) is a Filipino-German […]

Are Filipinos Caught in a ‘Fatal Fantasy’?

I have written a few articles about the way that idealism seems to be so overrated in the Philippines even though people all too often miss the spirit of their intended ideals. Instead of becoming better people through perseverance and a sense of pragmatism as other fledgling nations have in their respective histories, it’s sad to […]

What Pinoys Get Wrong About Rights: Dehumanization In The Media

Ever since the EDSA Revolution, the Philippines and its people has always been proud to be supportive of the “human rights” movement. Since then, Filipinos came to view the Marcos regime and Marcos’ disciplinarian and authoritative mindset as tyrannical and evil. They vilified all his works and sought to bring down everything Marcos had established […]

Why Filipino voters will still choose Jejomar Binay to be the next President of the Philippines

People who are considered physically attractive can get away with a lot of things. Some of them don’t even have to work hard at landing lucrative jobs. In fact, a recent study revealed, “taller men earn more money than their shorter counterparts because they are seen as more intelligent and powerful”. Whether they are actually […]