So who wants to change?

Kung bibigyan ka ng pagkakataon, . . . Ahm. . . . . Kung bibigyan ka ng pagkakataon, na kunyari, papipiliin ka kung saang panahon mo gustong umusbong. Kailan ang pipiliin mo? Pakiramdam mo ba, sa tamang panahon ka naisilang? Mas pipiliin mo bang, sana sa nakaraan ka na lamang nabuhay, nang sa ganon, sana […]

Criminality is the sign of society’s moral decadence, social poverty and economic inequality

It has been quite some time now that the prevailing issues, hot topics and shocking headlines of our newspapers and the dominant talk of the town is the apparent and seeming rise of criminal statistics and the rampant commission of various crimes, specifically those of economic in nature and background. The root causes of crime […]

Filipino pride in the spirit of ‘bayanihan’ invoked in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Filipinos never pass up an opportunity to exhibit their renowned ethnocentrism. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy which devastated much of the eastern seaboard of the United States, there have been many heartening reports of how the level of preparedness and swift action of the US government to mitigate the foreseen effects of the storm […]

Rainy season proves Filipinos are stuck in a time loop

“Filipinos are very adaptable.” “Even storms can’t deter their will to survive.” “I’m so proud to be a Filipino.” “Baha ka lang, Pilipino ako.” (You’re only a flood; I’m a Filipino.) The torrent of praises aimed towards Filipinos isn’t likely to end after braving fierce winds of the southwest monsoon that ravaged the Philippines these […]

Pinoys give SOS another meaning

Haring habagat – this is the name that some people on Facebook are throwing around to call the latest series of torrential rains that has besieged Metro Manila. Habagat refers to the southwest monsoon experienced by the Philippines every year. The total volume of rainfall from this incidence has seemingly exceeded that of Ondoy in […]

Stepping up to Manila storm flooding: Shotgun bayanihan!

The following is a re-post of an article I wrote for the now-defunct back in 2009 when Typhoon Ondoy wrought destruction across Metro Manila. The original Facebook archive can be found here. * * * In recent days we’ve been hearing and reading the word “Bayanihan” to the point of its being reduced to […]