Attacking Mocha Uson only makes her stronger and her influence more powerful

There’s a rare level of dimwittedness involved in coming up with — and actually implementing — the idea of petitioning the shutdown of Mocha Uson’s Facebook page. The backfire and fallout from this quaint project all but proved just how fragmented the Opposition is today. Even die-hard characters in the Yellow Camp refused to sign […]

Batman Vs. Superman: Pros Vs. Cons

While everyone is talking about Captain America: Civil War, I’d like to take the time to discuss DC Comics’ latest attempt at matching Marvel Comics’ Cinematic Universe. Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice promises audiences something similar to the Avengers series with various superheroes, each with their own respective franchise, duking it out on the big screen. Batman […]

Filipinos should stop believing in Magic

What a word: magic. In Grimwald’s article about the subject of positive thinking, esteemed commenter Sea Bee dropped this little gem of a thought: …despite 500 years of colonization, Filipinos still believe in the aboriginal concept of magic. There is widespread belief in fairies and encantos. Telenovelas who subject is the fairy world are wildly […]

Alternative Media (Part 9): The Dark Knight – Hacking the Justice System

The Dark Knight, the second film in The Dark Knight trilogy by Christopher Nolan is probably one of my favorite superhero movies. Of course, the film has indeed gained considerable popularity thanks to the performances of its actors like Christian Bale, Aaron Eckhart, Michael Caine, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Morgan Freeman and, of course, the late Heath Ledger. However, […]

You go girl: train to be Batman’s wife!

So last week, the Philippines had its SM shirtgate scandal where a shirt with the incription “It’s not rape, it’s a snuggle with a cuddle” was seen and snapped, said snap going “viral” of course. Said viral photo then becoming the object of much indignation. Now this: This excellent shirt is currently on sale at […]

The Dark Knight Rises and faking it on Facebook

I realized something after seeing The Dark Knight Rises last night. The good guys in most American movies fit the profile of the quiet brooding type while bad guys are characteristically loudmouthed jackasses. Batman, not to mention his alter-ego Bruce Wayne, is the man of the month, of course: dark, reclusive, a man of few […]

The Dark Knight Rises: an intellectually satisfying finale

(WARNING: Spoilers ahead. It is highly recommended that you watch The Dark Knight Rises first before reading any further.) Succeeding groundbreaking film The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises serves as the definitive end of critically-acclaimed director Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. After the late Heath Ledger’s stunning performance as The Joker in the last film, […]