A New Marawi City that is SQUATTER-FREE is an absolutely worthwhile goal

There’s a lot of talk lately about “re-building” Marawi City. Jose Montelibano in his Inquirer column today offers thoughts on what needs to be considered to not just to do that but to do it right, as in build A New Marawi that, at the same time, puts it on a path towards becoming a […]

Concrete Evidence of Filipino Unbridled Urban Development

Filipinos are madly in love – as in hard core. In this chapter of our analysis of Filipino dysfunction, let’s touch on the Filipino’s love affair with concrete. If there’s one thing OFWs will pour their hard-earned money into – it’s gonna be cement, truckloads of it!  Why not? Well, development from the Filipino perspective […]

Five More Inaccuracies Still Accepted as “Philippine History”

Of course there aren’t just five; history, after all, is just a timeline perceived by those who know how to write it. What’s wrong about all of this is that people do still accept inaccuracies as fact, and quite a few are too rabidly apologetic about them. Consider this gloriously graphic example of a meme […]

The Truth About The Parliamentary System, SM Baguio Pine Trees, and Paul Farol

Someone named Session Rogue tipped me off that a blogpost containing twisted and defamatory information about me is being spread around Facebook again and told me that I should set the record straight. And my initial reaction was, “What does my personal life have to do with any of the issues I am discussing?” The truth […]

Organic Farms and “Eco-Parks” are Ruining Baguio’s Mountainsides

For the nth time, numerous so-called “environmental activists” have come under the case of the vapors against tree cutting around Baguio. Once again, I’m inclined to reiterate on how gullible and how off-the-point the people of Baguio are, especially those who claim to be “for the environment.” Mt. Sto. Tomas, locally known as Cabuyao, is […]

Farming Kills More Trees In The Cordilleras

Some people can’t be bothered long enough to think while they’re on their ride on the latest environmental conservation bandwagon on social media. Given that most people on social media are in their late teens or early twenties, the demographic alone tells you that selling “critical thinking” to the YOLO crowd can have you face-desking […]

Loser mentality: Filipinos’ 500-year dependence on foreign investment

To understand the fundamental flaw in the idea of the Philippines’ relying on a strategy of counting on “foreign investment” to rescue its people from their own self-created wretchedness, it is important to understand the equally fundamental definition of poverty. Quite simply: Poverty is a habitual entering into commitments one is inherently unable to honour. […]

One Night at a Liberal Party Fundraiser: What Team P-Noy Can Learn from Baguio’s Local Liberals

Photo courtesy of Time.com I couldn’t help but smirk when I found out that Team P-Noy’s election rally was a dud here in Baguio last Sunday (17 March 2013). Melvin Jones field, with a capacity of 5,000 people, managed to gather less than 1,500 attendees, even under fair weather. Though their pet media outlets would […]