Mar Roxas offer to Grace Poe to ‘unite’ against Duterte backfires badly!

Such a bald act of desperation! Mar Roxas’s idea of reaching out to rival Grace Poe in these presidential elections is to issue a veiled request for her to back down from the race for the sake of “unity”. Roxas, of course, has consistently trailed Poe in various credible surveys. So it does not make […]

In order for Filipinos to change, they need to feel disgust for their shameful ways

I have often asserted that Filipinos are a people who are primarily driven by hiya (shame). Unmoved by any calls to higher purpose or noble pursuit, Filipinos continue to do the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. As such I remain convinced that any political solution pitched as a “cure” to […]

Dear Lucy Torres: Why not a COMPREHENSIVE Anti Bad Manners bill instead?

Seriously? A honk-free day in the Philippines? We need to get to the bottom of the kind of thinking House Representative Lucy Torres-Gomez (wife of movie idol Richard Gomez) was applying when she came up with House Bill 4542 which, according to this Gulf News report, “aims to bring to the people’s attention the importance […]