3 dead at conclusion of Martin Place Siege in Sydney

When I woke up this morning, I turned on the news and found out three people died at about 2 a.m. in a Martin Place cafe at the heart of Sydney’s Central Business District. Around 2 a.m. local time (1500 GMT on Monday), at least six people believed to have been held captive managed to […]

Missile attack on Malaysian Airlines #MH17: Words fail

A news report on TV last night on the tragic Malaysian Airlines crash in the Ukraine last Thursday, the 17th July 2014 caught my attention. This was but one amidst the din of information pouring out of the tube and social media over the last week, but the reason this one stood out was because […]

The persistent myth of economic growth

Development in understanding in recent years is making real limits on growth a lot more palpable since it is becoming quite evident that our approach to measuring economic value and the costs of acquiring said “value” (i.e. our monetary system) is woefully incomplete. Yet economic growth remains the be-all-end-all that pervades every aspect of human […]

Philippine activism needs a serious reboot and a major cast-of-characters overhaul!

Perhaps it is time Filipino activists re-evaluate things. It is becoming evident that traditional protest movement organisers and leaders like Leftists and ‘civil society’ cliques are no longer able to inspire the popular sentiment and, as such, no longer possess the clout to mobilise the numbers and secure sufficient media mileage for their causes. For […]

Are Filipinos actively looking for Butthurt?

Filipinos like to see themselves as happy people. But this contradicts the numerous times Filipinos express outrage against something. Outrage fads come from time to time. Adam Carolla’s criticisms, Katherine Ryan’s joke using Filipino children, a woman named Kiki, and many other things seem to bring out the Filipinos’ anger hormones. Worst of all, some […]

God’s plan for the Philippines: infesting the world with desperate Filipino nurses

The now infamous pronouncement coming from a certain Filipino Catholic bishop that overpopulation is good for Filipinos and the world comes at an interesting time when reports of how some Filipinos working overseas as nurses and caregivers have gone bad. Bishop Gilbert Garcera of the Diocese of Daet, the capital of Camarines Norte, believes overpopulation […]

Kevin Rudd new Australian Prime Minister again in Labor efforts to cling to leadership in Parliament

Australia has a new old Prime Minister. Kevin Rudd has been sworn in as PM three years after being ousted as head of the Australian government by his then deputy Julia Gillard in a bitterly-fought jostle for leadership of the Australian Labor Party (ALP) in June 2010. At the time Rudd had served for only […]

Social Media and Big Telco emerge as Filipino heroes

In another one of its infomercial articles that it would like to pass off to the average sucker as a news “report”, ABS-CBN trumpeted another one of those dubious “achievements” Filipinos owe mainly to their enormous population — our undisputed place in the global scheme of things as the “social media capital of the world”. […]