Why Christianity is real

First, some criticize “the fact that many religions claim to be the one true religion, and since all religions are based on belief, we should simply separate ourselves from that and just respect those who believe”. The flaw of this logic is that in the court of law which is supposed to reflect logical operation, […]

Blaming Religion for Conflict is just another Fashion Statement

Recent events, such as terrorism committed by Muslims, have led to some people banking on it as a rationale for wanting religion wiped off the face of the Earth. Atheists especially are excited, using this as proof of their claim that religion is the cause of all conflict. However, I disagree. It is still a […]

Filipino Spirituality Needs To Evolve

When the hundreds of thousands of devotees of the Black Nazarene of Quiapo have long since finished their often dangerous and fatal attempt to touch their icon, one could ask the question: why have the individual spiritual transformations that have taken place in this mass devotion not translated in the collective transformation of Filipino spirituality as […]

Kristiyano Ba Talaga Tayong Mga Pilipino?

Linggo ngayon mga mahal kong kababayan at feel kong manermon. Oo, alam kong hindi ako pari o pastor pero nakasulat din naman sa Bibliya na hindi mo rin naman kailangan ng basbas ng kahit anong simbahan para mangaral ukol sa mga salita ng Diyos. Basta buo ang pananampalataya mo at bukal sa loob mo ang […]

Why It Sucks to be a Get Realist

So this is my 35th article at Get Real Philippines (GRP). Not only do I enjoy being in the company of great minds, I love being a part of a community where critical thinking is encouraged, views are challenged, and groupthink is eschewed. Unlike some communities where articles get filtered to fit some sort of […]

Good Dogs Go to Heaven?

A reader from my last post mentioned the name of Richard Dawkins. Of course, I’m sure a lot of people are aware that Richard Dawkins is one of the most revered (if not the most revered) atheist by the present-day atheist community. Next to Dawkins is probably Charles Darwin, who most of us know is […]

Facing Society’s Demons: The Many Evils in Our Country

To be truly honest, I’m not really big on organized religion. I have doubts that any one person or group of persons can represent a Being that created the Universe and is thought to be even greater than the Cosmos They created. I believe that religion should be a personal pursuit and that it should […]