Why are mental health concerns constantly dogging the administration of President Noynoy Aquino?

Why is it that issues of mental health and emotional maturity seem to stick to the Yellow camp of President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III like a bad rash? During the the 2009-2010 presidential campaign, observations emerged around what increasingly seemed to be a cult-like following emerging around the Aquino camp composed of what many […]

Filipinos need to learn how to think: Thinking 101 in three convenient lessons

The last couple of weeks has seen circus following circus kicking off crescendous waves of crocodile emotions that swept many Filipinos off their feet. One good thing coming out of that is that it brought to fore some really key features of the dysfunction that underlies the Philippine National Thinking Process. Below, for the reading […]

Told ya so: Ateneo de Manila President Fr Ramon Villarin sides with CBCP heresy charge vs faculty

Sometimes being right all the time gets boring. What can be so complicated or even “mind boggling” about how Fr Ramon Villarin, President of the Ateneo de Manila University, sides with the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Phiippines’s (CBCP) censure of faculty members found to be teaching “inappropriate” matters on reproductive health? The Ateneo, after […]

Should Ateneo de Manila faculty members who choose to continue to teach ‘reproductive health’ be fired?

Seeing all the rah-rahs — even (horrors!) mudslinging — being thrown by one camp of the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill “debate” at the other, I just have to take my hat off to the anti-RH Bill advocates who are employing Roman Catholic dogma as the underlying framework of their position. Their argument is pretty well-grounded. […]