Arnold Schwarzenegger rocks Terminator Genisys!

It was fun seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger again as the badass Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 SeriesĀ 800 Terminator sent back in time to meet Sarah Connor. This time Connor is played by Emilia Clarke, Mother of Dragons in Game of Thrones now, here, mother of hero John Connor in Terminator Genisys the latest in the machina apocalypse […]

Bakya Society: A Culture of Stupidity and Idolatry

This is more or less a response to Kate Natividad’s articles about breeding out idiots and why I think that, despite Ms. Natividad’s good intentions, it will be of little help in this country. This is also related to ChinoF’s article about “bakya” society and why this is one of the major problems we need […]

The real dangers of artificial intelligence Tesla founder Elon Musk leaves unsaid

Much is being written about what Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk said about how rapid advances in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) could lead humanity to a “Terminator” scenario. The Terminator series of films which star former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger paints a bleak picture of a future where human stragglers battle intelligent […]

The Terminator should have taken tips from The Pacman

Perhaps former California Governor and body building champ Arnold Schwarzenegger should have taken safe sex tips from modern-day boxing champ Manny Pacquiao. Whereas Mrs Manny Pacquiao, Jinkee, has been quite public about her being on the Pill (despite her Congressman husband’s more fundamentalist stance on the matter), apparently a woman Schwarzenegger had a tryst with […]