Cyber-attack on Sony Pictures changes the Internet business landscape

‘C’ is for “cyber”. Is World War C starting? It could be. A possible cyber-attack against North Korea may be in progress but the nature of the attack and who might be behind it remain shrouded in mystery at the moment. Various network infrastructure monitors have detected intermittent Internet access outages in North Korea over […]

Alienation and Estrangement: In Defense of Humanism

  In 1844, a young German philosopher wrote a book entitled “The Philosophic and Economic Manuscripts”. The said writer is no other than Karl Marx. In that work, Marx begun to examine, analyze and scrutinize the concept of alienation (entausserung). The other term that he used is estrangement (entfremdung). Marx’s central thesis is that: The […]

US Amb Chris Stevens dead after former Arab Spring revolutionary fighters storm Libya US consulate

See, the thing with being in bed with rogue states is that you get bitten eventually. Governments tend to reflect the character of the people they subject. You can argue that Libya was ruled by an iron fist by Muammar Gaddafi for much of its recent history. But there is nothing really “victim-like” in how […]