Filipino Misconceptions of Sacrifice

It’s timely that Benign0 had come out with an article that discusses the twisting of the concept of sacrifice by Filipino culture. Indeed, it is twisted when one says they have made a “sacrifice,” when it is actually anything but that. I remember a commenter named Palebluedot once said: “I still blame the Catholic Church […]

Showbiz Kilig: What Intelligent People Don’t Have

The recent wedding of celebrities Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes was a topic of the town, especially with how roads were blocked off to “exclusivize” traffic routes for guests, and no less than the president of the Philippines’ presence at the affair. While both aspects were criticized for the inconvenience to others and mixed up […]

Why “Simple People” Photo-Ops Reflect a Problem in our Society

The latest “viral” photo of a politician being portrayed as “simple” and doing something “out of the usual” is of widow and congresswoman Leni Robredo of Camarines Sur. The photo supposedly shows her waiting for public transport along a major highway, instead of having a special ride. Some might be reminded of another “simple” politician, […]

Does the Aquino admin support wrong notions of Pinoy Pride?

Back when I first hobnobbed with the current Get Real Philippines bloggers at the now defunct Filipino Voices, I agreed with them against voting B.S. Aquino, since I observed that his supporters subscribed to flawed populist beliefs, including that of Pinoy Pride. Those supporters still display the same attitude today. To again quote presidential spokesperson […]

Why “stop being negative, be more positive” can be counterproductive

Many are complaining that Get Real Philippines is so negative. They want us to come out with more positive articles. They say we are not helping with our negative messages. Oh, really? How sure are you about that? As fellow blogger Kate Natividad wrote, being positive has become much too overrated already because it serves […]

Comparisons to Hurricane Katrina are Excuses for Incompetence

When Anderson Cooper of CNN reported that help was slow in coming to people in the provinces battered by Haiyan, the government and its supporters immediately went on the defensive. Instead of coming out with admissions of some lapses in leadership while reassuring that help is coming, they instead came out with defenses of their […]

Don’t Tell Me What Kind of Perceptions I Have

It’s no accident that two of the three primary propaganda instruments of the Aquino Administration (ABS-CBN and The Philippine Star) have played up the headline “Perceptions of Corruption Decrease” in the past few days. The by-now familiar pattern of distraction-as-damage-control follows allegations of yet another scandal within the Administration, this time striking particularly close to […]

Why Pinoy Pride will never save the Philippines

Some Pinoy Pride stuff had been in the radar lately. Local media ran a feature on a recently appointed American judge with Filipino blood (though the woman, thankfully, said she is an American first). Some NBA fans were quick to boast that Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra has Filipino blood. But same as the judge, […]