Power, Pride and Typical Pinoys: A Disastrous Combination

After reading the Lord of the Rings and watching the film adaptations, one of the clearest messages of the franchise is how absolute power corrupts absolutely. While Smeagol, the halfling that would one day become the ghoulish creature known as Gollum, started off as an unpleasant but not inherently evil being, the One Ring and the power […]

An Apathetic Society, A Doomed Nation

When I was 3 years old, a time when I was simply too young to understand a lot of mature concepts, I watched a lot of Care Bears. Not the more recent incarnation, mind you. This was probably the pioneers of the show and it was something I loved as a boy. However, unlike children’s shows […]

Common Excuses Pinoys Make That Prolong Stagnation and Stupidity

I think that one of the reasons our country and our countrymen aren’t getting anywhere in terms of intellectual, economic and artistic development is because of our tendency to resort to excuses. Well, I’m not saying that I’m immune to this either. I can easily admit to the fact that I tend to make a […]

The Philippines: A Nation Of Misguided Morals

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ~Edmund Burke The above quote implies that evil prevails when good people fail to take action. In all my years, I have noticed that many Filipinos don’t only condition themselves to not act against evil but to also not care about it when […]

Facing Society’s Demons: The Many Evils in Our Country

To be truly honest, I’m not really big on organized religion. I have doubts that any one person or group of persons can represent a Being that created the Universe and is thought to be even greater than the Cosmos They created. I believe that religion should be a personal pursuit and that it should […]

Fatal Fantasy: The Kabobohan Within

In a previous article, I cited that Filipinos seem to be caught in a “fatal fantasy” of their own design. While I pointed out that while the and the government and the media can be blamed for some of this, I can also point out that the people are also partially to be blamed for […]

The Girl In The Gutter

She was a small creature, no taller than a grown woman’s waist and with her limbs as thin and frail as bread sticks and her body almost nothing more than skin stretched over bone. Dressed in a grimy and filthy potato sack that’s supposed to pass for clothes, she walked on the hot pavement of the […]

Courage the cowardly Filipino

I find it amusing, and yet not surprising at all, that the cases of the Filipino peacekeepers assigned to the United Nations and of the Gilas Pilipinas Basketball team going to play in the FIBA tournament in Spain are being held up in social media as indicators of Filipino “courage”, and consequently, Filipino pride. The […]