Why potentially beneficial foreign ideas and influence have not worked in the Philippines

While writing “The hollowness and hypocrisy with which Filipinos regard foreign entities” (henceforth known as Hollowness) almost two months ago, it seems I had completely overlooked one striking manner in which they show such: When the Philippines is compared with another country in any category (response to typhoons is such an example), Filipinos are quick […]

Filipinos need to rethink how they value their overseas contract workers

Overseas Filipinos, whether they be migrants or overseas contract workers (OCW’s), are a valuable resource to their home country. Obviously, they pump money to the homeland and to their families, which props up the economy, to the tune of about 10-14% of its GDP. Second, the skills they learned from their jobs overseas could and […]

The hollowness and hypocrisy with which Filipinos regard foreign entities

Fact is, the Philippines is tremendously dependent on foreign entities to prop itself up. Not only do Filipinos rely on importing foreign goods into the country, they have a constant need to seek validation from foreign entities that they have good qualities. Up to a certain point, Filipinos could be excused for saying that as […]