The Aquinos are traitors: Time to remove their faces from the 500 peso bill

As the call to change the name of our premier international gateway back to “Manila International Airport” gains steam with another high-profile movement, some other steps still await implementation in our mopping-up operations to clear our system of putrid phlegm-colored Yellow-LP crap. The yellow-colored 500 peso bill still needs cleaning up. Congress should pass a […]

QC Mayor Herbert Bautista gets the ‘epal’ treatment

The following was snapped by a peeved constituent including as a caption “i’m at a loss for words.. let’s go, anti-epal bill!!!”. The billboard is a greeting to Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista on the occasion of his birthday. Senator Miriam Santiago is sponsoring a bill dubbed the “Anti-Epal Bill” that aims to penalise politicians […]