Torture and killings also happened after Martial Law particularly during the Aquino years

Every year during the anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law, a few articles come out from mainstream media reminding Filipinos about the “horrors” that came following its implementation by former President Ferdinand Marcos. I noticed that most of the articles describe the abuse perpetuated by the Philippine military or police back in the 1970s. […]

The Philippine ‘Opposition’: A movement in search of a credible cause

There used to be an old 1970s-1980s term often used to describe the “politically passionate”. Cause-oriented groups or COGs as they were once called was the collective term used for activists and rabble-rousers alike. They had real “causes” at the time — many of which were focused on achieving “freedom”, because Filipinos were supposedly not […]

How lessons learned from #Hagupit can help deliver justice to the #Maguindanao massacre victims

Super Typhoon Hagupit (locally code-named “Ruby”) has come and gone, and many lessons have been learned. But the most important insight following this experience is quite tragic: that the thousands upon thousands of lives lost in previous years to typhoons were all preventable. The death toll in the aftermath of Hagupit’s visit to the most […]

Philippines’ justice system on trial, President Aquino suppresses international inquiry

What unfortunate timing. Just as the Philippines is under the microscope for its world-renowned snail-paced justice system and lack of overall transparency, its president, Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III, reportedly blacklists nine Hong Kong journalists from entry into the Philippines. The banning of the journalists is on account of how they allegedly “heckled President Benigno […]

The long-awaited Binay-Trillanes political cockfight: Place your bets!

Filipinos are getting impatient. It’s been many days now since Vice President Jejomar Binay challenged his nemesis ‘senator’ Antonio Trillanes IV to a “debate”. And as the days wear on, the chances that this will actually happen get slimmer as both camps realise that this is likely going to turn out to be a battle […]

Preliminary hearing on Jeffrey Laude death snubbed by Pemberton, Filipino ‘activists’ furious!!

As expected, US Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton was a no-show in yesterday’s preliminary hearing on the death of Filipino transgender Jeffrey Laude in which he stands accused. Pemberton’s legal counsel Rowena Garcia Flores reportedly argued that her client’s presence was “not required” and that he “was still studying the complaint against him.” In response, chief […]

PNoy’s supporters are preventing the Philippines from moving forward

Sometimes talking to some people is like talking to a brick wall. Wait…I take that statement back. Sometimes talking to a brick wall is better than talking to some people. At least you don’t expect anything from a brick wall. Take the case of some staunch Aquino supporters. They are calling for an extension on […]

Déjà vu all over again: Elections 2016 will be all about winnability and nothing about platforms

So once (or rather yet) again, the Philippine Opposition is in that all-too-familiar process of coagulating into some semblance of an election force in the lead-up to 2016. I wrote about the moronism of it all way back. In the thick of electioneering in 2007 that group known as the Black and White Movement (B&WM) […]