The Philippines’ non-stop requests for foreign aid, support, and investments is becoming tiring and embarrassing

The thing with the precarious position the Philippines finds itself in its dealings with China and the handling of the two big diplomatic crises surrounding it — the dispute over various territories within the West Philippine Sea and the row over the Philippine government’s unsatisfactory resolution of the 2010 hostage crisis in which nine Hong […]

Filipinos suffer economic sanctions because Philippine President Noynoy Aquino refuses to apologize to Hong Kong

Hong Kong has finally made good on their threat to impose economic sanctions on the Philippines and cancel the visa-free access for Filipinos three years after the deaths of eight Hong Kong nationals touring the Philippines back in 2010. Big deal, right? Judging by the number of Filipinos who reacted with outrage over the news, […]

Long-overdue: President Noynoy Aquino grudgingly jumps on the Abolish Pork Barrel bandwagon

Evidently, a wait-and-see position taken by both the president and members of Congress on how the brewing outrage over pork barrel thievery in the Philippine government may play out did not work. The issue did not go away and the outrage has snowballed in the lead up to what may be a massive protest rally […]

Democracy in the Philippines and the victorious return of Joseph Ejercito ‘Erap’ Estrada!

Funny when we recall how back in April 2001, Howie Severino wrote how just “months later” in the aftermath of a second Edsa ‘revolution’, deposed President Joseph Ejercito Estrada “was grimly posing for a mug shot in Camp Crame.” Then he was shown lying on a cot inside a cell with wire mesh windows. The […]