Why Filipinos are no longer inspired by their future

One sure sign that you are lost is when you suddenly realise in the course of a journey that you have ended up back in the same place where you had started off. It means that whilst you had expended valuable energy taking steps, those steps had not taken you any further from where you […]

What Aldub got right (and wrong) about courtship, love and romance

You probably have been living under a rock if you haven’t heard of Philippine television’s current most popular characters from the noontime show Eat Bulaga, Alden Richards and Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza in real life), better known by the portmanteau ‘Aldub’. It’s very hard to ignore the buzz surrounding the celebrity “couple” Aldub particularly since […]

Daang Matuwid: A Legacy Of Perversion

To be honest, I planned on simply chilling out for this week. After my rampage in the previous few weeks, I considered taking a short break from all the troubles of the country and the rest of the world and just spend some quality time with myself, my family and my friends. Heck, I even […]

How Lea Salonga Proved The Shallowness Of Filipinos

As of late, Lea Salonga had a few scathing statements that were largely misunderstood by the general public again. Similar to what happened in a previous incident wherein she questioned the significance of Philippine Independence Day and whether or not we should be really be celebrating it at all, there has once again been an […]

Filipinos’ addiction to shallow TV shows will cause their downfall

Recently, Filipinos have proven that if they work together towards a common goal, they will achieve it sooner rather than later. This was evident in the success of the hashtag #Aldub which is based on the names of the current most popular manufactured love team on television between Alden Richards and Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza. […]

Calling all Filipinos: Turn off the TV and start doing your homework!

It’s hard to tell if it is the timing of the phenomenal explosion of the AlDub fad or the simple fact that politics has just gone so far down people’s hierarchy of things to give a shit about. But just from looking at the sorts of things Filipino ‘netizens’ are tweeting about nowadays, politics and […]

Destroying the Philippines’ social fabric one TV show at a time

Who does not love the word: serendipity (Kate Natividad’s Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza rock!)?  It sounds like our Tagalog word: ‘suwerte’.  Who wouldn’t want luck coming one’s way?  I will be grateful to take it anytime.  We should be grateful that from time to time we are afforded the opportunity to meet serendipity.  I […]

The Immorality Of Philippine Television

As of late people have been pestering me about AlDub despite the fact that I already explained, repeatedly even, that I did not choose the picture for my article about Philippine media and that the article itself has little to do with everyone’s favorite noon-time couple. However, that did not stop their steadfast defenders from […]