Do we have the right to judge Ai Ai delas Alas?

She’s 50 years old. He’s 20 and a college student at the De La Salle University (DLSU). According to reports they’re in love and their respective families enjoy good relationships with one another. Ai Ai seems to have a good relationship with her boyfriend’s family, as she sometimes posts her photos together with Gerald’s family […]

Gunning for 2016: Ai Ai delas Alas ‘prepares’ for public office!

Seems like the ‘in’ place in the UP Diliman campus of late is the College of Public Administration. If you had happened to have been a student there in 2010, you would’ve been able to make tambay with the likes of Ai Ai delas Alas. It is there, according to the Inquirer, where Ai Ai […]

Ai Ai delas Alas celebrity endorser of Vicki Belo product Pussykip!

Ten minutes is all it takes to travel back in time and feel like you’ve been touched for the very first time — like a virgin! That’s according to comedy star Ms Ai Ai delas Alas. It’s just been announced. She’s the new celebrity endorser of Vicki Belo’s new self-esteem-building product, the FermiLift Procedure. FermiLift […]

Filipino films: they don’t make us think

The type of films Filipino filmmakers make reflect the type of people most Filipinos are — people lacking in substance. Just looking at the list of entries for this year’s Manila Film Festival, you can already tell that not a lot of thinking was involved in the process of making them. Even the titles leave […]