Gwendolyn Garcia could end up living like a cavewoman in the Cebu Capitol building

The clock is ticking for suspended Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia who is currently besieged in the provincial capitol after she defied a suspension order issued by Malacañang mid-December last year. As police mulled over their options short of physically dragging Garcia out of the public building, Acting Governor Agnes Almendras Magpale is considering cutting off […]

Gwendolyn Garcia may have Pedro Calungsod on her side but Noynoy is still Chief of the Armed Forces

Flawed in its execution or not, Malacañang had come out locked and loaded when it ordered Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia suspended for alleged “grave abuse of authority” on the 19th December 2012. Yet ten days later, what could’ve been a clean strike has turned into a quagmire. What’s the big delay anyway? If the government […]

Cebu’s Gwen Garcia vs Tarlac’s Noynoy Aquino: starting 2013 with another circus!

As Malacañang would have us believe, Gwendolyn Garcia is a very bad person — bad enough to be summarily suspended from her her position as duly-elected Governor of Cebu for a period of six months. That is enough time for the 2013 elections to come to pass with Cebu under the watch of now “acting […]