Asian Values, Filipino Values, Superior Values?

In one of my earlier articles, “Is the solution to Filipino Dysfunction being more ‘UnFilipino,’” the discussion shifted to Asian Values and whether I was saying Filipino values were inferior – which was not my point. Perhaps I have not written the earlier article well enough and need to clarify my stance, with more references […]

The Question of Human Happiness: Happiness is not for sale

I refer to the article of Seah Chiang Nee, “Happiness is not for sale”, (Insight Down South, The Star Saturday, October 27). I overwhelmingly concur to his central observation that: “Singaporeans continue to find that prosperity and joy are not identical, or even compatible.” I also agree with the Workers Party Chairman Sylvia Lim in […]

‘Awareness’ of poverty is just a fashion statement

It is interesting the way messages that aim to make one “aware” about the “plight” of the poor proliferate. In many countries, such awareness does not come at much of an effort as it is an in-your-face reality of daily life. But with affluence comes the insidious effects of our Christianic upbringing on a diet […]

Over-population is not just a problem of poor countries

Think of what it takes to sustain human civilisation at the standards of living we believe that everyone is entitled to. Have we stopped to think what it would mean for a billion Chinese people, say, to have access to a standard of living equivalent to that enjoyed by Western Europe and North America today? […]