fashion protest

“Fashion” Mentality Damaged the World of Causes

So called social media “activists” these days seem all about putting someone down. For example, when Cynthia Villar called out the problem of eating so much rice, people just started ranting angrily against her, instead of bringing up more intellectual objections and pertinent suggestions. Another is peppering people who supported Rodrigo Duterte or Donald Trump […]

Why Change from Within the System has Failed

One of the retorts against us GRP bloggers is, “why don’t you run for office?” This is of course based on the assumption that you can only reform Philippine society through the government, and you have to be a part of the system to make it work. It has the sense of, “if you can’t […]

Kevin Rudd new Australian Prime Minister again in Labor efforts to cling to leadership in Parliament

Australia has a new old Prime Minister. Kevin Rudd has been sworn in as PM three years after being ousted as head of the Australian government by his then deputy Julia Gillard in a bitterly-fought jostle for leadership of the Australian Labor Party (ALP) in June 2010. At the time Rudd had served for only […]

Will the Philippines prosper if we change its system of government?

Can a change in system of government really change the development trajectory of an entire nation? Perhaps so, but the complexity of any causal link that might exist between a system of government and the future success — or failure — of a country does not allow us a straightforward way of determining just how […]

Change in system of governance equals prosperity? Think again

Certain advocates of “constitutional reform” make use of two cornerstone arguments to support their position that a change in form of government will necessarily translate to an improved probability that the Philippines will prosper as a society over a given period: (a) a correlation between systems of government and evidence of prosperity in today’s nations, […]