BAYO failed to mix equality and forward thinking in their ad

A racist is someone who believes in racism, the doctrine that a particular human race is superior to another or all others. Are Filipinos racists? Generally speaking, yes. Most Filipinos are even racist to their own kind in the way they consider people with fair or white skin and those with straight noses superior to […]

Tito Sotto threatens to stop funding for Ph government ad placements in CNN over pagpag feature

Philippine Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto III of Tito Vic and Sotto comedy fame in the yesteryears of Philippine cinema is apparently unhappy with with what he perceives to be a negative return on investment on the Philippine government’s ad placements in international news organisation Cable News Network (CNN). Sotto is reportedly convinced that CNN has […]

AirAsia one-ups ‘bouncy’ Cebu Pacific flight attendants

Southeast Asia’s biggest budget airline is set to open its Philippine operations following the recent approval of its air operator certificate (AOC) by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP). AirAsia Philippines will be operating out of the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport in the former United States Air Force base in Clark Field, Angeles […]

Social media fiasco: It’s more fun in the Philippines

Five days ago, Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary Ramon “Mon” Jimenez announced in a private sit-down conversation with “social news network” site his decision to “crowd-source” a new Philippine tourism campaign using “social media” as its primary propagation medium. In the interview, Jimenez who boasts “35 years of experience in advertising” which supposedly “taught […]

Why ad agencies are paid the big bucks: Coca Cola and The OFW Project

Persuasion 101. Lay out a strong emotional context, extend sharp emotional hooks, feel the bite from the audience, reel in the catch, then flash the brand. This is the science that earns the ad agencies the big bucks. Using flashy moving visuals — and lots of money to cobble these into an “inspiring” video — […]

What Metro Manila billboards tell us about the Filipino character

Driving up or down EDSA, the main road transport artery through the Philippine megalopolis of Metro Manila, is like navigating a badly-designed website. The huge billboards that line the iconic thoroughfare competing for the attention of motorists and their passengers are monuments to the aesthetic sensibilities of Filipinos. Manila, after all, is the cultural capital […]