Resorting to mere Reductio ad Hitlerum shows intellectual weakness of anti-Marcos partisans

In a Facebook meme I saw today posted by a yellow partisan, Marcos was equated to Adolf Hitler to convey the message that Marcos (just like Hitler) should be made to be responsible for his crimes despite the fact that he was never convicted because he died, just like Hitler. The problem with this logic […]

Could the Philippine Daily Inquirer be charged for inciting sedition?

See what I just did here? That is the same thing the Inquirer is doing in its 1st October 2016 front page. “Heil Digong?” is splashed in big bold print. But read the actual article and you will find the small clarification on the matter (italics mine for emphasis): “Duterte appeared to liken himself to […]

3 Uncomfortable Similarities Between President Noynoy Aquino And Adolf Hitler

Okay, before I begin, I’d like to note that I’m writing this as a reaction to the way President Aquino and many of his allies in the LP seem to brand people they don’t like as “Nazis”. Indeed, when the president (and soon to be former president) went to Japan, he called the occupying Chinese forces in the […]

Mao Zedong, Adolf Hitler, and Josef Stalin: The Philippines’ political drama in retrospect

One of the worst and most annoying characteristics of the Filipino people is the melodramatic personality. Filipinos are so driven by drama, sometimes (if not many times) to a fault. It has hampered the rationality of Philippine society, which is evident in elections. BS Aquino III was catapulted to the presidency after the death of […]

The Big Lie: Senator Bong Revilla’s disgusting privilege speech before the Philippine Senate

The notion of siring 38 children (“officially acknowledged” or as much at 72 children, including unrecognized ones) with different women is not only irresponsible but downright perverted. Hence, I couldn’t help but puke at the sight of the old man (Nardong Putik himself) cry on cue, looking the part of the beaten underdog, while his […]

How the media management regime of the Aquino Government mirrors that of Nazi Germany

Go figure. Certain media outlets like, and its cadre of “online journalists”, for example, seem to have first crack at “reporting” stories about administration “achievements”. The biggest media conglomerate in the country, biggest broadsheet and online news site, and the most popular mass entertainers all seem to exhibit a palpable bias towards the Yellow […]

Roman Catholicism’s promise: Nothing in life and everything in death

In his recent PhilStar colmumn How Catholic Talibans stormed the CCP, William Esposo lamented “the terrifying emergence of a Catholic Taliban who threatens to destroy the very foundations of our Christian morality.” Indeed, it is happening. On the Visayan Daily Star, Nida Buenafe writes about how parishes in Bacolod are unreservedly demonising artist Mideo Cruz […]