The Philippines Will Remain the Same Unless We Shun Big Government and Government Dependency

Ever notice that the campaign promises and platforms of our national candidates sound pretty much all the same? Basically they all promise a government that will provide pretty much everything under the sun for the people. From education to health care, candidates pretty much love to promise government nurturing from cradle to grave. I don’t […]

The Quest Endures…

“Here we are again Kate… Ups and Downs.” — Dick Gordon, May 20, 2010 Days after garnering 500,000 votes in the 2010 Presidential Elections I cringe at the thought that after the second automated national and local elections to be held in the Philippines, a sizable portion of the country’s electorate is back to square one. For […]

Democracy Ain’t Easy But You Shouldn’t Buy Political Reform Snake Oil

You didn’t like the results of the 2013 Philippine National and Local Elections?  Well, tough! For those still scratching their heads and wondering why people voted the way they did, it’s probably time to go to the barber shop, ride a cab, or walkover to some random street corner for the latest political analysis.  Just […]

Why Enabling Steps Are Not Enough

Political dilettantes talk about “enabling steps” because that’s all they know. Most people can’t tell how a chess game will go simply just by looking at the opening game.  I think it’s actually the middle game that determines a great game from a mediocre one and the greatness of the game is not seen in […]

Pinoy Propensity for Co-opting Pervades The Presidency

“In your world I have no meaning though I’m trying hard to understand.“- Missing You, John Waite. When I write I find myself often defining words straight from the dictionary. Unconsciously it has become my defense against people collectively assigning the wrong meanings to some words. Trying to get a point across is hard enough […]

Reflecting on the Constitutional Reform Movement

It seems I started a bit of a firestorm with a recent article among the advocates of constitutional reform, whom I did not actually identify as the CoRRECT movement — because to be quite honest, I’m not at all certain they are necessarily the only reform advocates in the country — but who were quick […]