Lray and Migz Villafuerte Win 2018 Douchebag Governors Award

Honestly, I can’t believe that the people of Camsur have willingly put up with the douchebaggery of the Villafuertes for decades. Previously, I exposed a COA report revealing that the Villafuertes made P230 million of money intended for the renovation of provincial capitol buildings disappear. The article touched a raw nerve among people in Camarines Sur […]

Thinking Pinoy Rey Joseph RJ Nieto Ultimately Blames OUMWA Usec Sara Arriola For Rescue Video Fiasco

It was late last night when I learned that President Rodrigo Roa Duterte was finally forced by the fame whoring blunder committed by Thinking Pinoy RJ Nieto to appeal to 262,000 Filipino OFWs in Kuwait to leave their jobs and come home. In a series of posts, Nieto admits to having uploaded and shared on […]

Thinking Pinoy Rey Joseph “RJ” Nieto Faces Possible Congressional Probe For Selling Out OFWs in Kuwait for Clicks

Rey Joseph “RJ” Nieto alias Thinking Pinoy is a sham artist whose lease on online “stardom” is at its inevitable end without any hope of renewal in sight. This explains his desperate bid to claim a bit more online fame by uploading and sharing the rescue video of a distressed OFW. He expected to claim […]

Thinking Pinoy RJ Nieto Doomed Kuwait OFWs By Sparking A Diplomatic Row

“MASAHOL PA SA ILLEGAL RECRUITER AT HUMAN TRAFFICKER SI REY JOSEPH NIETO AKA THINKING PINOY. DAPAT DIYAN TAKALAN AT PILAHAN NG MGA RAPIST NA MAY STD SA BILANGUAN ARAW ARAW HANGGANG MAMATAY!” (English translation: “Rey Joseph Nieto aka Thinking Pinoy is worse than an illegal recruiter and human trafficker. He should be beaten up and […]

Facebook Truth Censors Rappler and Vera Files Slept In the Noodle House As Viral Videos Slurring Congressman Andaya Spreads

Perhaps the ecstacy of being ordained as Facebook’s “truth” censors left people at Rappler and Vera Files bathing so deeply in the afterflow that they slept through the carnage of a Facebook viral video carrying false claims against Deputy Speaker and Camarines Sur First District Representative Rolando Andaya Jr. As with most viral videos aimed […]

Thirty Years of Tommy Osmena, Same Old Cebu City Problems

It is ironic that a so called rectification and change movement online would openly support Cebu City Mayor Tommy Osmena who represents anything but rectification and change for the better. Then again, this is the same group that preaches about the goodness of the parliamentary form of government and yet employs unparliamentary behavior when they […]

On Getting a Passport and Why I Like DFA Sec. Cayetano

Owing to a number of circumstances (the chief ones being that I hate long lines and filling out long forms by hand), all of my official government IDs are expired. If it weren’t for a work related trip to Tokyo coming up soon, I wouldn’t have even bothered to start looking into getting my passport […]

Preview of Part Three of “The Real Enemies and Traitors of the Fourth Estate”

Before I post Part Three of “The Real Enemies and Traitors of the Fourth Estate”, I believe I have to explain where I am coming from and why I am writing these series of exposes. When I was still an active journalist and working in the newsroom of RPN9 a lifetime ago, I took part […]