Should expensive private schools like the Ateneo de Manila and De La Salle be banned?

A report on the work needed to reform Malaysian state services now that a peaceful change of leadership had transpired provides some insight on the growing private school industry in southeast Asia. For the average outsider, the reliance of a society’s elite on private schools to educate their youth is regarded to be not normal… There is also […]

The Perpetual Cycle of Baduy

      “Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution”- AC/ DC   As I finally begin formally writing this I feel rested for the first time in days. Is it any coincidence that today is also the beginning of the ban of campaigning for barangay elections.  I can not go to the bar for a […]

The Enigmatic Influence of the “Bamboo Network” in Our Society

It has been said, “You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover,” that you should read it cover-to-cover before arriving at any conclusion.  But even after you finish reading the entire book, you should still not infer what is written until you understand the author’s intention—the motivation that compelled him or her to write the […]

Filipinos are happy for a “strongman” to lead them and have redefined the term to mean a GOOD thing

It still remains no mystery why current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte enjoys the full support of a majority of Filipino voters. Duterte comes across as strong. He acts and decides and does not dither in his messaging. He has exhibited this character from Day One of his campaign in the lead up to the 2016 […]

Why the idiotic “Laban” slogan still dominates Philippine Opposition rhetoric

Calling for a laban or “fight” is easy. You can see how easy it is by observing any schoolyard brawl. “Bakla ka raw sabi ni Totoy. Payag ka?” “Kalabitin mo sa titi”. “Siga ka ba? Di ka naman papalag.” Filipinos then grow up, leave the schoolyard, then go on to apply the same childish mentality […]

Duterte featured in @IanBremmer’s TIME Magazine article on the world’s top “strongmen”

Heads up! A piece published today by TIME Magazine put Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin amongst others. In “What the ‘Tough Guy’ Era Means for Global Politics“, Ian Bremmer writes what comes across as a lament over what could be the end of the moral ascendancy Western liberal democracy had enjoyed […]

US rapper @KanyeWest’s comment referring to slavery as a choice applies to Filipinos who choose to be slaves too

American rapper Kanye West’s latest controversial remarks have angered not just the usual Liberal-minded mob, but also his fellow African-Americans. After all, he wasn’t just showing his love for his “boy” American President Donald Trump, he was analysing black slavery – something some people think he is no authority on. During a recent interview on […]

Do Filipinos want to continue to be known as the world’s servants?

The latest brouhaha surrounding the diplomatic row with Kuwait that erupted following the going “viral” of a video of a “rescue operation” instigated by Filipino diplomatic personnel there has attracted much debate. The “discussion” surrounding this circus focuses on the minutiae of the debacle the Philippine government finds itself in in the immediate aftermath. What […]