Newsflash: Filipinos are choosing LEGISLATORS in the coming 2019 elections

That’s right. Congress, after all, is a government branch whose primary role in government is to craft laws. As such, the important question Filipinos need to ask of their candidates in the coming 2019 elections is this: What is your legislative agenda? And that is the easy bit. The harder follow-up to this question (assuming […]

Don’t be quick to imagine parallels between Najib “ouster” in Malaysia and the 1986 “people power revolution”

True to form in the way Filipinos imagine themselves to be the inventors of “peaceful change in leadership”, we see the Inquirer editor, in that familiar tradition of Filipino self-aggrandisement, insert the “Filipino experience” into Malaysian current events. Today’s Inquirer Op-Ed peace is given the title “The Marcoses of Malaysia”. Not surprisingly, practically the entire […]

The intellectual bankruptcy of a Philippine Opposition under Yellowtard leadership

Another “hero” of the Philippine Opposition in the guise of never-had-been-chief-justice Lourdes Sereno has fallen. She follows others who waged hollow-headed and intellectually-insulting personal “wars” against the government of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. Like those who had fallen before her, Sereno’s biggest mistake was to presume to think that God was on her side. Indeed, […]

In order to unite and win, the Philippine Opposition need to MOVE ON

It is easy to see the superficial problem with the Philippine Opposition — its inability to unite. Such an ability is important today, because they are up against a popular incumbent. But it is also easy to see how the problem with the Opposition is deeper than an inability to unite by simply asking another […]

The Perpetual Cycle of Baduy

      “Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution”- AC/ DC   As I finally begin formally writing this I feel rested for the first time in days. Is it any coincidence that today is also the beginning of the ban of campaigning for barangay elections.  I can not go to the bar for a […]

Two More Years of Noynoying Assured At the Equestrian Association of the Philippines

Foreboding The Return of Peping Cojuanco at the Helm of the Philippine Olympic Committee As a sport that only Filipinos from very rich families can play, you would think Philippine equestrian sports would be insulated from feudal trapo politics and be able to focus on developing the best athletes it can. Unfortunately, like other sports […]

Sereno ouster is proof the rule of law is Supreme

It is a day for Filipinos to celebrate. Justice has been served to the people and to the late former Chief Justice Renato Corona. The Supreme Court of the Philippines voted to oust Lourdes Sereno from the Chief Justice post she had been occupying since 2012 on the basis of an invalid appointment due to […]

Why do Yellowtards no longer wear the colour yellow in their rallies?

It’s a mystery. Not too long a time ago, the colour yellow was worn by Yellowtards with pride in their political events and protest rallies. Suddenly the practice stopped. In fact whenever leaders of the Opposition organise and call for a rally or some sort of political action nowadays, they even issue clear instructions to […]