Getting Out of Debt The Benitez Way

So I discussed the controversial case of PWU and STI with other writers of Get Real Post and it was generally agreed that it’s a real life example of how Pinoys dig themselves into poverty. Good old Benign0 has been saying for years that poverty is simply entering into obligations that you can’t fulfill and […]

Shocking Facts About How The Benitezes Ran PWU

A Google Alert gave me one of the biggest shocks of my life late last night despite being pleasantly drunk from the beer I had with a dear old friend from past political campaigns. You see a couple of days ago I set up Google Alerts for PWU and members of the Benitez clan to keep tabs […]


…But From Whom? My father believed that the education you get in grade school is the most crucial one because it sets up the foundation for all future learning and gives you a set of perspectives that will tend to guide you through most of your life. So despite being just a government employee at […]

Aegis video pits Malaysia’s infrastructure versus the Philippines’ in bid to attract BPO business!

It seems the Philippines has been singled out by a company in Malaysia as its single biggest competitor for investment in the region. A promotional video produced by a Aegis Malaysia, a global business process outsourcing (BPO) company makes a pitch to its clients to locate their BPO needs in Malaysia by highlighting that country’s […]

Why was PNoy DESPERATE to accelerate disbursment of public funds from 2011-2012?

Indeed, it is too bad for the administration of Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III that their brainchild, the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), has been deemed unconstitutional by the Philippine Supreme Court. The DAP was conceived following a disastrous economic result in 2011 when the Philippine economy grew by only a little bit more […]

Business 101: Stop wasting your breath BEGGING the ‘best and brightest’ to stay

Take stock of the current political landscape today and one stark reality jumps out of the picture: There is no one great leader who stands out as one who possesses a coherent enough strategic vision for the Philippines. Instead of true leaders and statesmen all we have is more of the usual bozos: politicians. Filipino […]

The Philippines vs Singapore: Jeepney vs Formula 1

The Philippines with its population of 96 million registered a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $117 billion in 2006. Singapore for its part, with its relatively paltry population of 4.6 million delivered a GDP of $132 billion on the same year. For less than half a tenth of the humanity Filipinos apply to the job […]

Philippine employment dilemma: Dumb down the jobs? Or smarten up the workforce?

The Philippines is imprisoned by a deep systemic inability in its people to extricate themselves from poverty. It is a problem that is an outcome of (1) the sheer number of Filipinos that inhabit the planet, (2) the average productive output of each warm Filipino body earning (or seeking to earn) a living, and (3) […]