The Yellowtards’ obsession with manufactured popularity

  Perhaps supporters of the Liberal Party (LP, also known as the Yellowtards) know, deep down inside, why their presidential candidate really lost in the 2016 elections. Or not. The point is, instead of taking stock of their candidates’ and their own shortcomings, they have repeatedly, and constantly, sought to externalize the loss, i.e., blame […]

Squeaky Wheel RJ Nieto Should Stop Blaming The DFA and PCOO for the ICC Prelim Exam

With a supporter like RJ Nieto, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte won’t need enemies. In his over DESPERATION to win some credibility as a journalist and project himself as being someone who has highly placed sources in Malacanang, he is wittingly or unwittingly giving the impression that President Duterte’s cabinet is in disarray. This goes against […]

The Philippines’ Roman Catholic Church should be taxed and its books opened to public scrutiny

Consider the vastness of the money-making machine that the Philippine Roman Catholic Church is. None of its activities including those that are financially profitable are currently taxed by the Philippine government. Catholic education alone, for example, is an expensive premium service that even the wealthiest of Filipinos clamber over one another to partake of. Yet […]

Andanar’s Attackers Are Clueless Dogs In The Manger

Just before the Holy Week holiday, Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar received a bit of flak for misprinted press IDs and a mislabeled transcription of a radio interview of Special Assistant to the President Bong Go. His attackers made it seem that the secretary’s duties revolved around proof reading and arranging media interviews INSTEAD of […]

Rappler journalists act like onion-skinned cry-babies

Let us talk about Rappler. Yes, the online news site that serves up content more like a well-oiled blogsite. There is a lot to be said about a supposed media company whose writers write more about themselves than the news itself. First, the organisation found itself in hot water and is now facing possible closure […]

‘Fake News’ crusader Maria Ressa uses Wikipedia as reference for ‘fake news’ accusations!

What possessed Rappler CEO Maria Ressa to post a link to an FHM Philippines article that then links to a Wikipedia article that exhibits a “List of Philippine Fake News Sites”? Everyone knows that Wikipedia is not a reliable source of “news”. Yet here is the self-appointed “thought leader” on all things digital, a crusader […]

Filipinos need to be taught how to think and not to simply believe

Filipinos need to learn how to think. It is imperative that they do because many things about the 21st Century demand an uplift in thinking. We can see how important this is in the recent events that have plunged Western-style democracy into crisis. It had become evident that men working with machines could turn human […]

Local Journalism’s Adversarial Role is Overrated

After writing about journalists not being special, sometimes sacrificing truth and opposing for opposing’s sake, further reading revealed to me that some journalists act as they do because they believe journalists should be adversarial. Because of the belief that journalists are “defenders of democracy,” which in turn is partly because of the recommendations of the […]